All the residue is eliminated by hand as well as the beans that are in bad condition or that weren’t well fermented.
Barbon Chocolate


It allows to eliminate bacteria, but especially to release the cacao aromas and to reduce its bitterness.


To break the cacao beans into pieces, also called cacao nibs, in order to allow an easier separation of the shells during winnowing.


The shells are entirely separated from the cacao nibs through a ventilation system.


Crucial moment where we not only choose the ingredients that will be mixed with the cacao (sugar, vanilla, aromas, etc.) but also and especially their quantity, in order to determine the desired taste and the percentage of sugar of the chocolate.


Thanks to the continous spinning of its stone wheels, the conche grinds and refines the nibs as well as the other ingredients of the desired blend, until we get a liquid and silky mass. At the end of this process of 48 hours or more, the cacao will have eliminated its acidity and reached the potential of its aromas.


Melting the chocolate by following a precise temperature curve, in order to obtain a good crystallization of the cacao butter. This procedure will give a shiny, snappy and smooth chocolate, that won’t easily melt to the touch.


Once the right temperature is reached the chocolate is poured into the moulds. Once it has cooled down, it’s removed from the moulds to give beautiful chocolate bars.


The bars are packaged in aluminium foil for their conservation, in descriptive leaflets and elegant boxes, everything being 100% recyclable.